Topic   Ft/fo mostly ds games,couple systems and few other things

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Got rid of Ds system looking to get rid of games and few other things.
Ds Games in the cases are complete.
All the loose ones work fine.

Neca duke nukem is sealed
There is a bend on the hangtab

Ds system works but left top button sticks and the hinge is broken
Gbc powers on plays games missing battery cover, select and start buttons have been ripped off
Both systems in rough condition fo/ft

Guardian's 3000 comic is in fine condition except small bend along spine pics explain better
Everything is ft/fo. Will check lists

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Any chance I could get a price on the Golden Sun and Final Fantasy DS games?
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Also got a bunch of vintage computer magazines if anyone is interested I can take pics of some.they are from the late 70s to early 80s. Creative computing,byte,compute Gazette,compute,couple atari age and run magazine.most all are in good condition.if you're looking for a certain one I can check.
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ff tactics and golden sun are gone
will listen to all offers
looking for Wii games and 360 games I don't have also

Topic   Ft/fo mostly ds games,couple systems and few other things