GameTZ Moderation System

GameTZ has a moderation system in place that allows users to file complaints on each other for violating the rules. This allows users of the site to help police the site and tip-off moderators to problems that exist.

How it Works

The forum and bad trader systems have "moderate" links in convenient places. These links allow any user to file a complaint against another user for something they posted in the forum or for a bad trader report they made.

Each complaint is then examined by a GameTZ Moderator. The moderator will then "approve" complaints for valid rules violations and "dismiss" others.

An approved complaint will cause the user's account to be restricted. Restricted accounts are not allowed to post in the forums or post Bad Trader Reports. Restrictions usually last for 24 hours, though moderators have the power to extend a restriction time as they feel is appropriate. In some cases, if the reported behavior is very serious, a suspension may be used instead of a restriction.

Light Moderation Policy

At GameTZ, we try to take a hands off approach to social issues in the forums. We recognize that the majority of GameTZ members like to speak their mind and joke around with each other. We don't want to interfere with that. We don't want to censor what people say. We don't want to get involved in feuds. As much as possible, we'd like to encourage the GameTZ community to resolve issues on their own without the use of some sort of centralized punishment system.

There are, of course, limits. Notably, we don't allow pirating, pornography, or extremely offensive things.

In the past, we tried heavier moderation, but the results were not very successful. The community didn't seem to appreciate it. There were cries of censorship, unfairness, and general unhappiness with the moderators. So, we've tried to adapt to what the majority of people want and that is lighter moderation.

There is an exception to this policy that we sometimes apply to specific individuals who seem to be causing a significant amount of trouble. Generally, direct contact is made with these individuals and warnings are given for them to tone down their behavior. If the behavior does not change, we begin to give them progressively longer restrictions. It goes something like: a day, then a week, then a month, then finally a year restriction. Thus, one way or another, the problem gets solved. This sort of focused approach is done rarely and only with individuals who consistently behave in a way that a lot of people don't like.