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Okay, so my wife has a PC I built not too long ago. It was fine for quite a while, but has developed an unusual set of problems.

Basic setup is:
i5 4750
8GB Ram
Just installed - GTX 770
Win 7 64bit.

What has developed is a sort of stutter, along with exceptional boot times (after post to windows desktop specifically). There will be periods of time, several minutes at least, where everything has functioned perfectly, then it hits. It's like nothing wants to load, nothing wants to move or react to any input on the screen. This can last anywhere from 20-60+ Seconds. No idea why.

Tried various malware and anti-virus to no avail. Tried uninstalling junk, disabling startups and services that weren't necessary. I even formatted the machine when this started, and it didn't really change anything.

I'm about to scrap the HDD next I think.

Would love any thoughts or suggestions.
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Honestly as an evolutionary measure I'd just replace the HDD with an SSD. That way the system will boot fast and always boot fast.

Run CrystalDiskMark on the HDD and check the speeds. It could be old or just bogged down. New 7200rpm drives can be had for $50, so a combo of 250GB SSD and cheap hard drive would be a colossal improvement.
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I would check the hard drive and the RAM.
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Yeah that hard drive is dying. If a reinstall didn't fix anything, that's it.
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Unfortunate.. it's only 3 years old. Seagate whyyyy!
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Demonis wrote:
> Seagate

THAT'S why.
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Foxhack wrote:
> Demonis wrote:
>> Seagate
> THAT'S why.

Eh, hard drive quality is debatable. I've had 3 Western Digitals that all died prematurely. I used to buy Maxtor, but Seagate aquired them some years back. Have not had any issues with them until this one.

On that note, I have one of the notorious OCZ SSDs from early on that probably 70% of people had fail. Still going strong.
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I've had a Maxtor go bad, a Seagate go bad, and my most recent HDD that went bad was a Western Digital 1TB black. So I guess it just boils down to luck (or lack thereof).

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It does seem to be that way. I've talked to people who've lost multiple drives from each manufacturer. I ordered a WD Blue 1TB. Hopefully can get it installed soon. Already backed up everything important so she's just using that one until it dies or gets replaced.

Topic   Absurd Performance issues...