Topic   Has anyone done an Adobe license transfer?

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* 29-Sep-2018(#1)
I have a few sealed sets of valuable Adobe software, but uh, it turns out I'm not sure if they're legit or not. The holograms seem a bit suspect and I can't find any verification on them being the real deal. So I don't want to risk getting chargebacks on eBay if they turn out to be pirate versions. So I read up and apparently I can transfer a license to another person via a form and stuff.

So I'm wondering if anyone's done this, and if the process takes very long to do or not. I would much rather transfer my licenses and take a hit on the sale price than end up having to return all the money in case they turn out to be bad. :P

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Are the numbers on the outside of the boxes? Are you planning to install the software (from at least one), registering it to see if the numbers are legitimate, and then transferring it after confirmation?

I don't know about current Adobe software, but several years ago I found two packages of Adobe Acrobat 8 in a Goodwill for $1 each. I installed the software from one copy on my computers and gave the other copy to my brother. I entered the number on the box to activate the software on more than one computer and didn't have any trouble. It keeps asking me to register it, but just in case the number had been registered before I just keep clicking "later". My brother hasn't told me about any problems with the copy I gave him.

I believe the office I worked for would install all software from one disk and register with the Activation numbers from unopened packages, so if the numbers are on the outside they may have been used. I've sold opened copies of MS Office on eBay before and just included a disclaimer that I didn't know if the Activation numbers had been used.

Topic   Has anyone done an Adobe license transfer?