Topic   Anyone played Wolfenstein 2 yet?

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* 30-Oct-2017(#1)
This game has gotten some pretty great reviews, including a 9.75 from Game Informer. I was hoping that this game would be as great as The New Order, and it looked like it turned out to be even better. Then when I went and looked at it on Steam, it's gotten a lot of negative user reviews. They state the game is glitchy, optimization is crap with Kepler cards, gameplay isn't very good, bad story, and the political aspect of the game ruins it. I was very confused after reading all this.

Anyway, has anyone here played it who can give me their opinion on it? I'm not sure if these critics have been bought out, or if all the negative reviews have something to do with the politics of the game.

Edit: As soon as I posted this, a Game Ready driver for Wolfenstein 2 released.
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Cyco2oo4 wrote:
> and the political
> aspect of the game ruins it.

Yeah you're better off ignoring any reviews that whine about the game's politics, 99.95% chance they're all brainwashed alt-righters who hate seeing their heroes getting murdered on screen.

And getting moderated in 5... 4... 3...
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If you enjoyed the way the first one played, expect more of the same in terms of visceral gun play. But for me, it lost some of the appeal and charm The New Order had - not sure if this is because of the way the story plays out or I'm not digging the early areas, I don't know. Granted I'm only a couple of hours in, I'm just not finding it as fun.

As far as performance goes, I'm on an older i5 with a 1060 6gb running at 1080p with minimal issues, and that's without the newest driver. Can't speak for anything beyond 1080p, however.

Topic   Anyone played Wolfenstein 2 yet?