Topic   .NET Framework issue with Windows 7

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* 14-Nov-2017(#1)
A friend of mine asked me to help him with installing Turbo Tax 2016 on his computer. He already has Turbo Tax 2010-2015 installed.

The system had .NET Framework 4.7 installed, but after getting several error messages regarding problems with .NET Framework 4.5.2 I removed 4.7 and installed 4.5 manually. The program installed and I was able to open it. A Win7 update reinstalled 4.7, and I can't open the program again. I also can't open any previous version of Turbo Tax.

When I go to open any version of the program, I get the error message "The ordinal 1000 could not be located in the data link library RPCRT4.dll. I tried every fix I could find online about this, but nothing worked. At some point I got the error message "The call to DLLRegisterServer failed error code 0x80070006". None of the fixes I found online relating to this error code seemed to work either.

This is a Toshiba laptop that originally came with Windows XP, but it has since been updated to Windows 7. I hate to wipe the drive and lose all of his programs, but I am running out of ideas.

In addition, Windows Update says the update to Win10 failed and keeps trying each time I reboot.

Topic   .NET Framework issue with Windows 7