Topic   Older Laptop Value?

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I have an older laptop that I might be looking to get rid of, but I have no idea what it's value would be. Googling hasn't helped me so far. I know it's not gonna be worth much, but I just want a number I can stick to it. It's a Sony Vaio VPCEH 2LGX. Intel graphics, i3 processor, 4GB Ram, 500 Gig HD, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Ram and hard drive are extremely easy to swap out. Just a single screw to access the ram and only a couple for the HD.
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It is only worth what you can sell it for. Look at the asking prices for comparable systems in your area on Craig's List.
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I bought a laptop recently here on gtz for $60, 2GHz, has 4GB of Memory and a 160GB HD,Windows 7, AC adapter and battery holds a good charge. so id think itd be higher with more ram and a bigger drive.

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I would go for $100 if I was selling it.
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The biggest problem with it, IMO, is Windows 7 wry smile

Why anyone with Win7 wouldn't do the FREE upgrade to Win10 back in the day is beyond me.

Nonetheless, I agree with the $100 comment. Throw in a cheap SSD, and maybe another 4GB Ram and it could be a zippy little laptop for around $150
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All right thanks guys. I don't have windows 10 on it because I don't want it going to someone and being tied to my Microsoft account. I just did a clean install using the 7 disc and key it came with.

Topic   Older Laptop Value?