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Ok what is the ideal temp for my PC

Asus X99-A mother board
16 gb ram
evga geforce gtx 1060 3gb
intel core i7 5820k 3.30 ghz
evga 80 plus bronze 600w power supply
windows 10 64 bit

During a game well I played doom on ultra settings in 1080 p with nonstop 60 fps I think the highest it got was 62c is that ok or could it be better
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* 11-Aug-2017(#2)
That's a loaded question to ask without a few more details.

What component are you referring to? The CPU and GPU both have their own temperature sensors.
What program are you using to monitor the temperatures?
How long are you stressing the components to get a read out of realistic temperatures?

But for a blanket statement, that 1060 should never hit 80c or more (70s is more comfortable), and the 5820k should ideally always be under 70-75. You can check these temperatures with a program called HWMonitor, which will show all of the sensor info on your system.

Topic   PC temp