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* 6-Dec-2017(#1)
I try to do the IT work for my church. On Wednesday, two of the systems did Windows 10 updates and are now unusable.

A Dell Inspiron 518 updated, then would not boot. It powers up, but does not show the self diagnostics or even try to boot from a CD.

I took this system home and put the hard drive in an adapter so that I could recover the files. It said the drive could not be read and needed to be formatted before it could be used. I put another hard drive in the computer, but it still would not even show the self diagnostics.

A Dell Vostro 220 stayed on the blue screen with the circling dots for a very long time (hours) before finally getting to the log in screen. After logging in, the screen went black except for the mouse arrow. The mouse pointer is active, and it appears the pointer can go off screen at the bottom or right side. If I hit CTRL/ALT/DEL, I get the blue opening menu of the Task Manager. Switch User and Change Password get me to those screens, but Task Manager does not open.

I tried to restore the Vostro to before the Windows 10 update, but when it finished it said there was an error and nothing was changed. When I tried to reboot, it went back to the blue screen with the circling dots for over an hour. I finally interrupted and tried to boot again. It booted to the login, but then went back to the black screen with the mouse arrow.

I found some information online that indicated the computer was set for two monitors and I was only seeing the second screen. I installed a dual video card and rebooted, but then it went to the blue screen with circling dots again for about an hour. I finally gave up and just replaced the hard drive and reinstalled everything.

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I am having a similar issue since the last update. i have to turn on my PC, wait a few seconds, turn it off and then turn it on again. During the second boot up, I just press F9, F10, and F11 at the same time, three times, and the PC starts up fine.

They say that it is a Video card issue with the last update, but I think it is worse than that.
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after my latest windows update, the window key on the lower left corner no longer works properly. >> When I left click on it, the tiles play a game of peekaboo; they don't stay on screen long enough for me to click on anything. LOL

I could shut off the computer by right clicking the icon. Go figure. :/
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It may be coincidence, but it looks like we may have another problem related to the Fall Creators Update.

One of the other church office updated over the weekend. Yesterday, I got a call that neither of the printers connected to that system were responding. I had to uninstall and reinstall a HP laserjet and a Lexmark inkjet to get them to respond. When I went to Settings/Printers, there were two entries for the HP laser. One name was more detailed than the other, but I removed both and when it reinstalled it showed the more detailed name. I physically disconnected the Lexmark and the computer recognized it, but when I tried to print I got the error message "could not communicate with printer". I finally had to uninstall the Lexmark software in Apps to get it to reinstall correctly.
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Dude that Fall Creators Update has been the link to a LOT of issues. I have a big one though, my 980 Ti is unusable on my computer because of it. I've tried everything at the official Geforce Forums and get it working for a very short time before my computer stops reading my card. Seems a crap-ton of people over at the Geforce forums are having near identical issues. This update is one of the worst ones I've ever had...

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I've heard the most common problem with the Fall Creator's Update is that it causes problems with graphics.
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The Fall Creator's Update had a weird effect on my case fans. I think it was the fans on my H110i, associated with Corsair Link. They kept throttling at max RPM. Did everything to fix it but eventually just had to revert back and get rid of that update.

Topic   serious problems after the latest Windows 10 update - updated 12/19