Topic   Trying Mac OS-X? Help?

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As an PC user I've always used Microsoft OS. Windows Millennium edition - Windows 10.

I mainly use my PC for general browsing and mainly gaming. I don't know how many hours I have in CS:GO. But I have always wondered how the Other Half lived. Now I don't come from money I used whatever craptop I had that ran passably at the time. My favorite OS is Windows 7 and Xp, Know them like the back of my hand.. but I always wondered about mac.

I've seen those Expensive Aluminum Cases over the years and the Mac Pro/G5 case looks sexy as hell, but I've only used a mac for 1 day back in school like 8 years ago.

Has anyone made the jump from Windows OS to Mac OS recently and tell me what you think?
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I didn't "jump" per se, but I actively use both and honestly prefer OS X. To me it feels how a usable everyday OS should feel like. It's fast, fluid, everything (in my opinion) is laid how how you'd expect it to be, etc.

Topic   Trying Mac OS-X? Help?