Topic   Campaign Finance Reform

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* 26-Oct-2017(#1)
I'm reading a story about the Judicial Crisis Network, and the dark money they received to stifle and block an Obama appointee from the Supreme Court.

A dark money organization that spent $7 million to block former President Obama's Supreme Court pick [Merrick Garland] received just three donations between 2015 and 2016, but one transaction really counted: A single $17.9 million contribution from a mystery donor.

What are your thoughts on campaign finance reform and Citizens United?

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Should be done like it is in England. Candidates get equal press in radio, print, tv, internet etc. Everyone starts with the same campaign cash and duke it out. Election Day is a national holiday to encourage turnout. Anything less would be uncivilized and unscrupulous. But we love to create unnecessary middle men for no other purpose than washing money so I don't expect this to ever happen here. At least not before the revolution.
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We used to do this at least as far as radio went. That was ended many years ago.

Topic   Campaign Finance Reform