Topic   No one cares if you go home safe at the end of your shift

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I read that as crap.
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While I'm not totally sold on the parallel between police duty and military missions, I am on board with the point he gets around to at the end.

Was not thrilled with some of author's descriptive word choices, but found this:

"if I call, I expect your ass to show up, sober, trained, professional. ...

I don't want to hear some drunk and confused guy squirming on the ground playing "Simon Says" terrified you so much you had to blow him away. I don't want to hear that some random guy 35 yards away who you had no actual information on "may have reached toward his waist band. Or that "the tree might fall any moment" or that "the smoke makes it hard to see.""

"Near as I can tell, I don't hear the smokejumpers, or the firefighters, or the disaster rescue people say such things."

"And I still don't care if you go home safe. I care that everyone you purport to "serve and protect" goes home safe."

It is a difficult worklife with sudden life threatening circumstances sometimes, but that's the deal. It's dangerous to be a law enforcement professional.
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Those were my strongest takeaways, and the Drunk and Confused line kinda got to me.

Topic   No one cares if you go home safe at the end of your shift