Topic   FS/T: Functioning PSP 2000. Catch: you need to finish the housing replacement

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I have a black PSP2000. The housing has cosmetic damage (due to previous owner) and so many years ago I bought all the replacement parts and tools. Unfortunately, I no longer can manipulate small electronics, so this little project has languished. Anyone interested in buying/trading the PSP, replacement parts, and tools from me?


There's a lot of dust and food crumbs inside, which is why I purchased new ribbon cables in case the grime on the others was impossible to clean.
Works (last I checked, which was years ago): UMD reader, Battery, Wi-Fi, Headphone Jack, Power Jack, Left & Right speakers, USB port, all lights, the LCD screen (no dead/stuck pixels), memory card reader. Unable to test video output because I don't own the PSP -to-TV cable. Am I forgetting anything...? If it has a Microphone, I've never used it so I don't know if it works.

The PSP 2000 repair history:
- replaced analog stick a few times to try to address a drifting issue.
- replaced faceplate with new black faceplate, which now shows some signs of wear
- it needs one of the 2 metal brackets re-fitted to the UMD door. UMD door opens fine, it just isn't super smooth or particularly pretty.

Currently, the system is complete except the right side buttons, home bar, and analog stick have been separated from the system, and are part of the list of pieces below.

Repair parts:
1x roll of 1mm width black 3M/Scotch adhesive
1x pack of assorted pry tools & screwdrivers
1x assortment of different anti-static plastic forceps/tweezers
1x PSP 2000 silver housing, reportedly OEM, + buttons (left side buttons, right side buttons, and homebar ribbon. No shoulder triggers) + screws
1x PSP 2000 silver faceplate, OEM (?), with the window lens replaced + 1x Hori screen protector (it has some bubbles because I just suck at screen protectors)
1x PSP 2000 yellow-metallic gold faceplate, lousy knock-off
5x rectangles of 3M electronics adhesive
1x new ribbon cable for the bottom bar buttons, already includes form fitted adhesive backing
1x new ribbon cable for the left side D-pad, already includes form fitted adhesive backing
1x new ribbon cable for the right side buttons, already includes form fitted adhesive backing
1x air bulb (for blowing dust)
2x analog sticks with the same wafer board (only one of these sticks has the silicone contact), sans caps
1x analog stick with a different manufacturer's wafer board, no silicone contact pad, sans cap
1x original analog stick from my system, sans cap and silicone contact pad
analog stick caps (2x black, 1x white, 2x silver)
1x soft brush (for removing dust)
1x anti static discharge wrist band, looks like this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html?ie=UTF8&lo...

Also available (optional):
1x original battery charger
1x original battery pack
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Bump. Now with some pictures via google drive.

Topic   FS/T: Functioning PSP 2000. Catch: you need to finish the housing replacement