Topic   WTB: Gameboy Color Backlit Mod / System

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Not sure if anyone on GameTZ does these mods, or if someone has one lying around and are interested in selling. But I just recently purchased an EverdriveGB and want to get some use out of it. Unfortunately my immaculate yellow GBC system does not have any such backlit mod.

Thanks for any info.
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* 29-Aug-2017(#2)
Sadly I only have a frontlit modded GBC w/LOCA, the backlit with ags-101 screen mod nowadays is above my time grade and money costs for parts. It's berry pink & lavender buttons with glass lens installed if you're interested.

I also have a ags-101 Gameboy Advance white w/Pink buttons & glass lens. It also has a Switch for light modes.

If you're looking for one installed I can do that too, but for a fee + parts cost.
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I've been using a Kong Feng GB Boy until I can afford a moded GBA AGS101. It's a backlit GBC clone import.

Topic   WTB: Gameboy Color Backlit Mod / System