Topic   Bundle duplicate games in "what can I get for it" search

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When I search by what I can get in exchange for a game, from the edit menu:

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I would like to see each game I can get, not each separate listing.
If different listings of the same game were bundled together that'd be great.
Then maybe being able to expand to see the details would also be helpful.
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Thanks for the suggestion.

To be honest, this is a fairly obscure old feature that likely doesn't get used much. Also, its value is somewhat dubious as it's just showing you all the listings of anyone who "wants" your available item (or vice-versa). In most cases, the items won't be of equivalent value and thus it's unlikely an offer would work out.

It often puts out a ton of listings as well, way too many to sort through reasonably. Selecting platform helps a bit. I can see what you're saying about grouping, but I think that would only help a little and ultimately it still has to show the info (user, condition, offer button).

Topic   Bundle duplicate games in "what can I get for it" search