Topic   Can we get a category for PSVR?


I've got my eyes open for trades for VR games these days, but there's no separate category for them so they're hard to spot. Would be awesome to have an actual PSVR selectable category.
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I can understand wanting this.

I'm unsure if it's feasible given how things are done here.

PSVR games are for the PS4 system so putting them under a new/separate system is problematic and not something we've done in the past (for good reason, as far as I know).

We could change the title of all VR games to have VR on the end (Amazon seems to do this in some cases, for example). Farpoint (PlayStation 4) would become Farpoint VR (PlayStation 4). But, this goes against our rules for naming (e.g. always use the title on the box and Farpoint's box doesn't not have VR in the title). It also doesn't really help you find them very well as you could search for "VR", but it may not work that well.

We have a "Type" field on game listings, but it's filled in by traders who list the game. Only Old Layout listers even see it as an option. It was partly phased out because of how pointless and mixed up it generally is (many games have multiple/inconsistent types on them).

In other cases where special add-on hardware was required to play a game, we haven't done anything to call this out. For example, Sorcery (PlayStation 3) needs a Move controller, but we don't indicate this on our listings.

I think part of what's happened is we've opted to not pretend to be an authority on game requirements, as this can be complicated and it's not something GTZ has expertise in (we struggle just to keep the names in some order). Thus, it's left up to traders to know what hardware is needed to play games.


Yeah I see what you mean. Personally on all my VR listings I've put "For Playstation VR" in the comment field, but nobody else seems to do so. Trying to search on "VR" doesn't work for obvious reasons... who knew there was a gajillion games with "VR" in the title!??! LOL

It's no big deal when you know the exact game you're looking for, but if you just want to see who has something for VR that you might like to trade for, it's damn near impossible to actually do. Would love to find a better approach that is still consistent with the site.
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I second this. But this is simply for making viewing my collection more sorted on the site. I use this site for cataloging my collection. So far for games it works great, it is listed by system. But when I move on to movies it's going to be a big mess of alphabeticalness.

Topic   Can we get a category for PSVR?