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* 29-Jun-2018(#1)
I am adding some new games to my Available and Wanted games and searched for Just Dance Kids 2 for XBOX 360 to list as available and it is not listed for XBOX 360. It's listed for Wii and PS3 though. Can you please add it for XBOX 360?

Another game missing is Petz Dogz Pack for Nintendo DS. Can it be added as well, please?

If I find any more, I'll post them here.
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* 29-Jun-2018(#2)
you can actually add anything that isnt already in the database, i add a lot of stuff myself, the best way to do it is go to your items, and say you wanted to do a wanted game, go to wanted games and then hit add wanted items, it will give you some blank spaces to add new items. the best way to do it is to find the game on amazon and copy the title and use that, then fill in the rest and click the request confirmation box. and then copy and paste the amazon link to the item on the next screen in the free form box at the bottom. after the listing is created, click on it, and then at the bottom where it says add image, you can copy the image address from the amazon page and paste it there.

hope that made sense, if not let me know and ill try and help.

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Items are added to the database as-needed by users.

We have a group of volunteers ("Name Tribunal") that will try to approve official names for consistency. But, they only work with existing listings. So, users have to create them first. Someone has to be the first. It's also means our database is sometimes sparsely populated (especially for games that may be somewhat obscure or new).

For New Layout, do a search, then use the "Add Unlisted Game" button on the left. It brings up a form where you can enter anything you want.

In the case like you mentioned (where it's listed for one platform but not the one you want), a trick that makes this easier is to added initially using the other platform, then edit your listing to change just the platform to what you want.

Topic   Games Missing From Games List