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Have you ever thought about image hosting, @bill? I just posted 10 images to someone in a PM and it took me 5 hosts that I can't remember my password to, and finally a sixth that I had never used before, before I could even upload to. But even then, they don't take multiple images!

If subs do get an image host, can someone please point this out to me? If not, then @bill hook us up with something! Make it purge every 90 days or something if you're worried about space.


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Personally, while I hate Facebook, I upload them there and use their links in posts here, haha.
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Is not working? It seems like they are basically perfect. No account needed, drag/drop, app, free, don't mess with direct links, etc. Sometimes, they are messed up, but mostly they work well.

Trying to do image hosting here seems really hard and full of potential issues to worry about (how soon before someone uploads kiddy porn?)
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25-Jan-2018(#4) is the gold standard for image hosting now. Hardly goes down, the FAQ probably just needs some editing on how to use it probably.

Topic   Image hosting