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PizzaTheHutt wrote:
> Billy boy, for the past month I've been stuck browsing on mobile and there's a minor
> annoyance where I click a thread and in certain threads like the PS4 discussion or
> Nintendo Switch discussion thread, they have a long list of links for "this thread
> has many older replies" or whatever it says and it makes me start at the top of the
> page instead of going straight to the newest reply. Any chance we could get those
> links automatically put into some sort of spoiler tag or something? This never happened
> when browsing on desktop.

I've noticed also that for certain persistent topics with lots of post, the splitting stuff in the box at the top of the topic that gets added automatically can get very long and unhelpful.

So, I just made a change that will change it to only list the previous topic not the list of all previous ones. Thus, it will never get long like it can sometimes do.

The change I made will only happen when a topic splits. So, all existing topics that have that will keep it until they get long enough (300 posts) to be split.

This is a little tricky, so I'll try to keep an eye on it and make sure if fires off correctly... let me know if you see issues.

@lunar - I assume this will affect your super popular topic, so heads up... I think you may already be editing this crap out or something (fine by me)
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Topic   topic split adjustment