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* 17-Feb-2018(#1)
Anyone play this series?

Real pervy and raunchy, but I have fond memories of playing Magna Cum Laude on the PS2 back in the day. I thought it was a really funny game and my pals and I got a kick out of the raunchiness. It's definitely a bad game as far as gameplay goes, but the humor is what you'd really play it for. And I really dig the "college campus" atmosphere the game creates, even if the actual game itself isn't the most fun.

IndieGala had (has?) a big sale for the entire series on Steam, so I snagged it. I'm really looking forward to LSL 1-6, as those are apparently quality point-and-click games, just with lots of nudity and potty humor. LSL 6 looks real good, as I dig the classic animation style.

So, anyone else have any feelings on this series?
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It's hilarious

You're right as far as games go there are worlds better especially the later ones but you're there for the humor

I need to see if that sale is still going id be in to pick up those older ones for sure.

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* 18-Feb-2018(#3)
I like the first game, and think the second one has too much intolerable Sierra hint book bullcrap. Those are the only two I've beaten. I'd like to get around to the second half of the series since it looks like they toned down things like missable items, unwinnable game states, verb-hunting, and all that crap.

I remember thinking they were porn games and being very confused as a kid. The concept that a game could be about a guy trying to get laid but be humorous rather than erotic just didn't register in my 12 year old brain.

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I remember playing it in college, but the main thing I remember is failing to answer the questions correctly to prove you're an adult. I wasn't up to par on my 80's politics.
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I played the very first one on Dos back when it was first released. I was probably 7 or 8 years old. My friend and I would sneakily play it when his parents weren't around. Lots of fun and laughs. The puzzles are obscure and difficult, and I wasn't able to finish it until I had the internet many years later.

But, as a kid... Much of the fun as trying random things and getting hilarious results, most of which were meaningless to the story or completion of the game.

Overall, I'll bet they don't hold up TOO well, but it's a fun trip down memory lane.
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I played the first 3 and really enjoyed them, as with several other Sierra adventure games in that same style
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Which game does it stop being a "type in commands" game? I know in LSL1, there were no commands on screen. Everything was done by typing stuff in, and the game recognized it.
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I think by LSL2 it's a point and click adventure, with no typing, but I have no idea. I'm almost certain that by 6 it's just point and click. Is LSL1 command prompts AND point and click? If that's the case, noo idea.
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I think it's just commands. I don't think you can even walk without typing in "walk to jukebox" and stuff like that. I could be wrong though.
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Hi, Ken sent me to check this thread out.
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BTW....if you google Leisure Suit Larry might get some stuff like...

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