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* 10-Dec-2017(#1)

I recently bought a Switch and some games but there are a few secondary games/items I would like to get and figured I would throw this post up for potential trades. Honestly, I'd rather trade within the GameTZ community versus purchasing these items retail if I can because I'm sitting on a lot of games I don't need and I'd prefer to trade some these items towards my wanted Switch game/items. I would like to trade games/items I have available in conjunction with cash (if needed) to balance the trade out. For example, if I have a game that you want that is valued at ~$30.00 and you have a switch game I want valued at ~$50.00, send me a trade offer and ask me to throw in the $20.00 cash to balance it out. If the deal is fair and accurate, I'll most likely accept.

Switch Games I'm Seeking (all need to be in very good or excellent condition, containing original packaging and instructions):

Ultra Street Fighter 2
L.A. Noire
Sonic Forces
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
LEGO City: Undercover
Resident Evil Revelations Collection
Axiom Verge -- Multiverse Edition
1-2 Switch - I'm fine without having this being it is mostly a tech demo, but if the deal is right I may bite.
Other Games - may be willing to trade, pending the game.

Switch Accessories I'm Seeking (all need to be in very good or excellent condition, packaging not too important to me):

Joy-Cons - no color preference.
Spare AC Adapter - Would be nice to have a spare, but not in a dire need.
Nintendo eShop card - not an accessory, but would be happy to trade for it.

I already have the starter kit (carrying case, earbuds, screen protector, etc), a pro controller, stand, joycon charger, and 126GB memory card; so I really don't need any of these items. Switch games already in my collection I do not need. If you think I may be interested in a non-listed game or accessory, feel free to shoot me a trade offer and we can go from there.


Topic   WTB/WTTF: Various Switch Games / Accessories