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Welcome to GameTZ

Game Trading Zone is a community of people who trade stuff, especially video games.

There are no fees to buy, sell, or trade, and there is a reputation system in place that helps make sure nobody gets scammed. Simply keep track of your wanted and available games in our database and our robust matching system will help you find the trades that you're interested in.

We've been around for over 15 years, and many of our members have years of experience and hundreds of trades under their belt.

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Recent Trades

10:03pmZ03L gets: Dragonquest VIII(PS2)
digita1sunset gets: $12 PP

9:48pmAdmiral gets: Sealed Amiibo: Link (non-toon), Diddy Kong, Kirby
DOMINION gets: $30 shipped paypal

9:37pmsecret_defender gets: Boot CDs
mdh gets: Shipping

8:56pmTheNewKnightmare gets: $4 PayPal
dustin11 gets: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies -- Case and Manual Only (Nintendo DS)

8:00pmjdwooley14 gets: Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten steam
MrDeets gets: .50 paypal

7:42pmQDizzle gets: 2/wk
Giantjuice gets: da:i rental

7:22pmmichaeld gets: 25 pp gift
WCUGameWizard gets: xb1 bf hardline

7:06pmRiverCityRansom2 gets: PS TV (New in box)
AModestLion gets: Paypal

5:21pmJeshK5 gets: Disney Infinity power disc: Aladdin's Magic Carpet
Ciffy gets: Disney Infinity power discs: Electric Mayham/Sandy Claws/J.S. Reindeer

5:02pmJeshK5 gets: Couple Movies
chrisb1182 gets: 10 Bones+shipping

Featured Traders

langleybai Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally
Traded: with 98 Different Traders (111 total)
Member since: 14-May-2005 Game Trading Zone member for over 10 years

langleybai earned a (10 year plaque) on 14-May-2015.

BigPappa101 Silver Good Trader
Traded: with 55 Different Traders (60 total)
Member since: 13-May-2010 Game Trading Zone member for over 5 years

BigPappa101 earned a (5 year plaque) on 13-May-2015.

Deathgazer Bronze Good Trader
Traded: with 11 Different Traders (11 total)
Member since: 13-May-2010 Game Trading Zone member for over 5 years

Deathgazer earned a (5 year plaque) on 13-May-2015.

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Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64)
The Kongs are still here to perform for you. Even if you don't know the words, I suggest you join them anyway.
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Make Room for the 'Shrooms
Playstation TV (PlayStation Vita)
Great idea, flawed execution
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PlayStation Portable)
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is another masterpiece in the Kingdom Hearts franchise
Mario Party 10 (Nintendo Wii U)
Bowser's crashed this party. It's recommended that you go ahead and crash it, too.
XIII (GameCube)
A case of all style and no substance or something more?
TimeSplitters 2 (GameCube)
The Heir to Perfect Dark's Throne
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Nintendo Wii U)
State of Clay
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (PlayStation 3)
Are four Spider-Men really better than one?
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, The (Nintendo 3DS)
You won't meet a terrible fate by playing this game.