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Welcome to GameTZ

Game Trading Zone is a community of people who trade stuff, especially video games.

There are no fees to buy, sell, or trade, and there is a reputation system in place that helps make sure nobody gets scammed. Simply keep track of your wanted and available games in our database and our robust matching system will help you find the trades that you're interested in.

We've been around for over 15 years, and many of our members have years of experience and hundreds of trades under their belt.

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Recent Trades

8:32pmMrBean gets: Zero Suit Samus (Figma) [new]
Xplict91 gets: $42 [PayPal] (gifted)

7:47pmDefaultGen gets: Grandia II (Dreamcast), Ribbit King (GameCube)
bumsplikity gets: Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (Nintendo 64), Altered Beast (Sega Master System), OutRun (Sega Master System), Rampage (Sega Master System), Burning Rangers (Saturn)

7:42pmsaintkiwi gets: $1 Amazon code
OhMiBod gets: $0.70 Paypal

6:42pmBostonitalian88 gets: final Fantasy mystic quest cib
Rune_Walsh gets: $10 gifted PayPal

6:10pmdariusjohnson13 gets: Nintendo 3DS (Cosmo Black)
br26 gets: $85 PayPal

4:24pmBaka gets: 2x Bustedtees Coupons
Xplict91 gets: $15 Paypal F&F

2:12pmSnatcher gets: Sheik, Toon Link, Ganon, Zelda and SSB Link Amiibos (Loose)
tvols1480 gets: $110 PayPal Gift

1:53pmBoyward gets: SNES carts w/ manuals: Donkey Kong Country 2, Super Ghouls & Ghosts
DragonReborn006 gets: Blue Dragon (Xbox 360), Paypal

12:04pmThe_Pope gets: Halo 5 & Battleborn
Dashey gets: $5

10:41amDuallies gets: Repayment by 03/10/17
ShishioMakoto gets: PayPal Loan

Featured Traders

Concord_XI Silver Good Trader
Traded: with 25 Different Traders (36 total)
Member since: 1-Jul-2009 Game Trading Zone member for over 7 years

Concord_XI earned a (silver star) on 7-Feb-2017.

Biohazard20 Gold Good Trader
Traded: with 92 Different Traders (147 total)
Member since: 7-Feb-2012 Game Trading Zone member for over 5 years

Biohazard20 earned a (5 year plaque) on 7-Feb-2017.

Shuino Bronze Good Trader
Traded: with 19 Different Traders (20 total)
Member since: 7-Feb-2012 Game Trading Zone member for over 5 years

Shuino earned a (5 year plaque) on 7-Feb-2017.

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