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Recent Trades

4:30pmMissile gets: switch family spot
mattyg00013 gets: 5 dollars

3:55pmbonham2 gets: 3 X-Men Action Figures
AlphakirA gets: $25 PayPal

3:15pmSnappy gets: $45.00 paypal F&F
Wheels617 gets: Wave Race GC CIB, Sega GT DC CIB, XBOX wireless logitech cont w/receiver

3:15pmSnappy gets: 24.00 PayPal F&F
Wheels617 gets: Jet Grind Radio DC CIB VG

10:52amwhitefire gets: Black Official Wii U Pro Controller
Gooseman gets: $6 for Shipping + 2-months subtime

7:41amGaminPhreak gets: $80 Paypal Gifted, Yoshi's Crafted World for Nintendo Switch, Offcial Nintendo Switch Dock, and a Offical Nintendo Switch AC adapter
Frank gets: Samsung Note 8 phone /w accessories

7:10amLunar gets: Nintendo Switch Ni no Kuni
tigg gets: Blu-Ray Star Wars 1-6 Blu-ray Set

14-Decdunno001 gets: Games in post
MSU_Dawg87 gets: $45 PayPal shipped

14-Decsamdalous gets: X-Men Dark Phoenix 4k digital
acillatem gets: $5 PP

14-DecAnxiouz gets: Hellboy 2019 (4k code) and Men in Black International (4k code)
acillatem gets: $10 ppff

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sandman Bronze Good Trader
Traded: with 106 Different Traders (121 total)
Member since: 26-Aug-2009 Game Trading Zone member for over 10 years

sandman earned a (10 year plaque) on 26-Aug-2019.

Rhife Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally
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Member since: 28-Jan-1999 Game Trading Zone member for over 20 years

Rhife earned a (double gold star) on 25-Aug-2019.

jupiterjones Gold Good Trader
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Member since: 25-Aug-2004 Game Trading Zone member for over 15 years

jupiterjones earned a (15 year plaque) on 25-Aug-2019.

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