Pros and Cons

  • Great taste
  • Fantastic packaging
  • Provides lots of energy
  • Can be hard to find in stores

Bawls Guarana (other)

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There's a reason why you will find this drink at every LAN party!



If you attend any sort of public gaming event, you will likely see someone drinking Bawls. Tonight I decided to finally try one myself while at a friend's gaming get-together and I must say I understand why!

Before trying the drink, one will notice the attractive packaging that it comes in. The 10 ounce glass bottle is dark blue with over 100 little bumps (balls) that provides a great grip. Also realize that you will either need a bottle opener or tough hands to remove the cap! I opened mine by placing a napkin over the cap and twisting it off.

The taste of the drink is great. Other energy drinks in this category often taste disgusting or are way too sweet. Bawls, on the other hand, has a lightly sweet fruity taste that goes down smooth. There is no aftertaste at all with Bawls, which is also much different than it's competitors.

I'm currently writing this review at 1:30am PST and I feel fantastic. Drinks like Red Bull and Rock Star can sometimes make people jittery due to the large amounts of sugar and caffeine that they contain. I have not experienced this at all with Bawls, which is likely because it only contains about the same amount of caffeine that is found in a serving of coffee.

Finding a place to purchase Bawls can sometimes be difficult. In the Seattle area, I've only found it in one of my university's food markets. I believe they can sometimes be found at places like QFC and Albertsons as well. There is a store location finder on Bawls' official website which is useful. Online retailers such as Think Geek have many varieties of the drink available for $39.99 (plus shipping) for a 24 pack of the 10 ounce bottles. This puts the drink at around $2.00 each, which is not too expensive in comparison to other energy drinks.

Overall I enjoyed the drink a lot and would recommend it to anyone who needs a quick energy fix. Try offering it at your next gaming party, it will definitely be a hit!

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