Pros and Cons

  • It's G-Unit ! features 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Youngbuck
  • Solo's for Lloyd Banks and Youngbuck were great
  • 18 tracks
  • Combines all the elements of what a gangsta music needs
  • Doesn't have enough songs that features Tony Yayo, he's only in 2 or 3 tracks
  • Some of the beats in some tracks need work, but not a biggie.

Beg for Mercy (G-Unit)

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This is a great CD, this is one of those CDs where you can listen to them all the way through without skipping a song. This has all the elements of what a real gangsta music has to offer. They talk about money, power, love, and respect.



This CD is flawless with the exception of a few tracks. If you like gangsta music you definetly need to buy this CD. Lloyd Banks outshines 50 Cent in some tracks showing his skill. The bottom line is that this is a great buy; it feature's the whole G-Unit crew except for Tony Yayo although he has 2 or 3 tracks in this CD. Free Yayo !!

1. G-Unit 2.5/5 (terrible lyrics but the beat is dope)

2. Poppin Them Thangs 4.5/5 (nice lyrics and beat)

3. My Buddy 4/5 (talks about his gat, a little scarface reminisce)

4. I'm So Hood 2.5/5 (average song)

5. Stunt 101 4/5 nice flow good lyrics

6. Wanna Get to Know You 5/5 (nice lyrics & beat, this one goes out to all the ladies. One of my favorite tracks in this CD)

7. Groupie Love 3/5 (pimp song, yayo is in this track)

8. Betta Ask Somebody 3.5/5 (sick beat)

9. Footprints 5/5 (youngbuck goes solo and shows his skills in this track)

10. Eye for Eye 3.5/5 (average song)

11. Smile 5/5 (Banks goes solo in this one, another song for the ladies)

12. Baby U Got 4/5 (my only problem with this track is the beat)

13. Salute You 5/5 (gangsta Track, talks about being loyal to the game. One of my favorite tracks)

14. Beg For Mercy 4/5 (hot lyrics and chorus, is a very catchy track but a little short though )

15. G'd up 5/5 (this one is slow, you need to listen to it a few times in order for it to grow. The lyrics are sick and the beat is dope, One of my favorite tracks in the cd)

16. Lay You Down 4.5/5 (50cent showing off his skills)

17. Gangsta Sh*t 2/5 (terrible song, skip it)

18. I Smell P*ssy 5/5 (disses murda ink, Banks has the sickest flow in this track. Old song but still one of the best in this CD)

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