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  • Great immersive athmophere
  • Good story
  • Graphics are very nice (considering the period the game was made)

Beneath a Steel Sky (PC)

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A great 3rd person graphic point-and-click adventure with excellent story and nice graphics.


Beneath a Steel Sky is a 1994 science-fiction point-and-click adventure.

The story: In the future, people have concentrated into big, domed cities. They are ruled by mega-corporations, the air is recycled, and your floor assignment is based on your social status. The rich live on ground level, while the poor live on the highest levels. The area between these cities, commonly referred to as "The Gap," is where the outcasts live. Wild tribes, living off the land and scavenging from the city dumps.

Robert Foster is a member of one of these tribes. He was found as a baby in the wreck of a helicopter that crashed between two cities.

One day, some brutal goons from one of the cities show up. They show no mercy as they identify and capture Robert and bring him to the city. On arrival, however, the helicopter crashes unexpectedly and Robert manages to escape - again - unscathed from a wreck. He's alone in a hostile city, with the government hot on his heels, and some burning questions in his mind, like: Why did they want me? What do they want from me? And however am I gonna get out of this city?

The graphics are very nice, considering the period that the game was made. There are quite a few characters to interact with, most of them with well-developed personalities. This adds greatly to the overall atmosphere of the game.

The storyline is good, though a bit puzzling at first. A lot of unexpected things happen, and Robert himself can't make heads or tails of it.

Sounds: Not much to tell, really. The voices are good, the rest is your average background music, though well adapted to the game.

There are a number of puzzles of average difficulty, all well blended into the game.

Overall, a very good game that I had much fun playing.

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