Specific Ratings

Replay ValueA
Learning CurveB+

Pros and Cons

  • Cool upgrades
  • Bomberman in Indiana Jones' duds!
  • Cool features for Super Game Boy
  • Multiplayer fun (if you know how)
  • No detonator or extra heart
  • Story needs more depth
  • Pretty Bomber needs a better role
  • Bosses are a nuisance!

Bomberman GB -- USA Version (Game Boy)

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Who would've thought Bomberman would look good in Indiana Jones clothes?



When you think of a famous movie hero, chances are you might think of Indiana Jones. He has been known as the face of adventure, thanks to his trademark fedora and whip, and others have tried to imitate him as well. One such example is Bomberman, of all people, in a Game Boy adventure that, in my opinion, needs more credit than it's currently given. This game is known in Japan as "Bomberman GB 2", but since its prequel is known as "Wario Blast" internationally, the "2" has been stripped to avoid confusion. This also was one of the few games to actually take advantage of the Super Game Boy accessory, allowing you to play multiplayer right off the bat (it can even use the Multitap, too!).

The plot is simple: Bomberman decided to don a fedora and search for a valuable treasure. Just as he was about to locate it, he falls into a big pit. Now the poor Bomber has to fight his way out, using the only technique he knows: bombs! A nice little plot, although it needs more variety. For instance, if the Pretty Bomber is so prominently displayed on the package and label of the game, shouldn't she play a bigger role in this game? A competitor, perhaps? Or maybe a damsel-in-distress? It certainly seems a waste for her to appear as a multiplayer character and a cameo on the pause screen.

The rules are, as usual, avoid and blast the enemies without blowing yourself up in the process. The gimmick here is that, in every world, you can pick one of two paths. Each path has a set condition of how to defeat the enemies. If you fulfill that condition, you'll be able to run to the exit. After the end of the world, you'll have to fight a boss, which will not only land you into the next world, but will also give you an upgrade, such as running faster, "whipping" (kicking) a bomb, and lining bombs. There are no detonator or heart upgrades, and if you clear a world, your Bomb and Blast counter will reset to the minimum. Those facts might frustrate a few gamers, and the last boss is a doozy! There is a multiplayer option, but you'll need either a Super Game Boy or a password to access it. You'll definitely need the former and maybe a Multitap if you want to play with your buddies. The arenas, considering it was built for a small screen, can feel a little cramped, but that shouldn't be too hard to navigate through.

The graphics are the standard for the Game Boy at the time, and the levels are actually nice for a Bomberman game. You run around in an underground world, a swamp area, a pyramid, and a Greek temple, to name a few places. The enemies and bosses are cool-looking, and Bomberman actually looks good in those Indiana Jones duds!

The tunes are not the catchiest in the world, but they are pretty good and serve well for the setting for this game. The main theme has the same upbeat as Indy's theme, the pyramid level sounds Egyptian, and the last boss totally gives you a ride of your life! Bomberman makes his little "step" blips everytime he moves, and the bomb explosions sound good for the Game Boy's sound system!

My only complaints against this game is the story needs more work and the worlds make you feel like you're constantly in underground, but if Bomberman and his fedora doesn't appeal to you, I don't know what will. Whether you're an Indiana Jones or Bomberman fan, you'll appreciate this underrated classic if you can just take the time to play it. I personally think Bomberman needs to do something like this more often; it's not everyday someone gets to dress in the Whip-Wielding Adventurer's clothes, and when that happens, you know you've got a good title on your hands!

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