Pros and Cons

  • Amazing music and vocals
  • Great range of sound
  • Bonus content including Mileyworld membership
  • Not enough tracks (15 is a good number)
  • Makes other music less enjoyable to listen to
  • No possibility of a "Greatest Hits" album

Breakout (Miley Cyrus)

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Making Steve Perry proud, and everyone else jealous.



Many fans were skeptical when Miley Cyrus announced that she would be dropping the "Hannah Montana" moniker for the release of her next album. It is my pleasure to announce that the skeptics could not have been more unfounded.

In her third release (live and remix albums excluded), Miley Cyrus has managed to at least equal her previous musical offerings. While her first album was released as being sung by Hannah Montana, and her second album being a 2-CD set that tried to "ease" die hard HM fans into the Miley side of her, this third album sheds the Hannah Montana moniker once and for all (indeed, her "Best of Both Worlds in 3-D" concert in 2008 was announced as her last tour as Hannah). The result is a record of incredible talent and diversity.

While listening to the album's 11 new tracks (the 12th track is a remix of her hit "See You Again" from the "Meet Miley Cyrus" CD), a feeling of familiarity spreads throughout the tracks. Miley manages to draw on many of the best sounds from many great bands, yet at the same time effortlessly makes each track her own. Traces of great bands such as Foo Fighters, Garbage, even hints of John Lennon and Nine Inch Nails are prevalent.

This album definitely marks the breaking out of Miley in several ways, not just from her Hannah Montana label but also as an amazing singer and songwriter (yes, unbelievably ALL the tracks on this album were written by Miley herself).

There are two reasons why this CD didn't receive an A+. Firstly, there just aren't enough tracks--each time the last track ends it leaves the listener wanting more (which is not necessarily a bad thing). Secondly (and this has been a problem with all Miley/Hannah's CD's), a "Best Of" or "Greatest Hits" album is not possible, since each and every track on each of her albums has been a great single-there would be no way to determine the "best" songs.

Another exceptional feat Miley accomplishes is the transcending of almost any age and/or demographic limitations. I would say the only way that you wouldn't enjoy this album is if you were over 75 years of age. Personally, I have surveyed individuals from the ages of 10 to 24, all with positive reviews. I never thought that I would be the type of person that would enjoy her music, but after one listen to this album I was sold. Anyone that doubts that statement should give it a listen and see just how good it is.

Some artists never scrape together enough hits to release two albums, much less a "Greatest Hits" album. Most artists have an album with a few good songs and the rest of the record contains lukewarm duds. The only other time I have listened to an album where each and every song just kept bringing the hits was "Journey's Greatest Hits". Hats off to you Miley, for going where very few artists have ever gone.

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