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Learning CurveA-
Replay ValueB+

Pros and Cons

  • Sounds are wicked awsome
  • Graphics are dead on
  • Gameplay is good
  • Controls are easy
  • Cars are nice to look at
  • Gameplay could get better

Burnout: Revenge (Xbox)

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Mad at your opponent? Slam his car into the wall!



When I picked up this game at the store I thought, "Hope its like the first Burnout I had on the Gamecube." So I bought, took it home, slapped it into my XBOX and turned it on. I watched the intro and said to myself, "This looks nothing like the first Burnout... It looks much, much sweeter." After the intro I started playing and woah, don't I have a lot to tell you about!

For one, this game isn't all about racing. If you're in last and catch up to your next opponent, you could ram his car into a wall, another car, a barrel, a rail, or whatever you prefer. Instead of just passing your opponent, you should trash his car and leave him in the dust. The takedowns are wickedly awesome because they're in slow motion and because they show some nice detail in the crash. But, get taken down yourself, and your in for one heck of a ride. You can steer your car after its been taken down right into the opponent behind you. The game expects you to take revenge on the car that trashed yours, and it's worth it. If a car gets hit dead on, the glass on the front of the car shatters, and the hood and front bumper get totaled! The detail on the cars are more fun to stare at than to race and trash them, but once your on the track, you're not going to want to get off. The scenery of the tracks are alright, but you won't want to pay attention to them when your racing at 150 mph.

There are different events you have to participate in. One is the normal race where taking down your opponent is essential to winning. Another, is where you take your car for a joyride and crash it right into incoming traffic and cause as much destruction as possible. There's one more that's not too appealing to me, its called 'traffic attack'. All you do is ram traffic going in your direction in a time limit. Pretty boring for me. Now there's a time event, where you finish one lap on a track in a limited time. It's pretty challenging and difficult even on the easy setting. Then there's my favorite event. This event is where you takedown as many opponents you can in a limited time. If you're good, you can get whole bunch of takedowns from as many as 10 to 30!

Now there's the music and sound to talk about. This game has the best tracks on earth (if your a rocker like I am). The tracks fit right along with the racing, especially when the good part of the song comes in and you take down an opponent. Hearing the roar of the engines relaxes me so... just kidding. You don't want to relax on any sounds these cars make. The engines make you want to watch your TV and concentrate on your car. When crashing, the sound of the glass breaking and the metal bending are quite remarkable.

The gameplay in Burnout: Revenge is remarkable too. Besides racing for fun, you follow the campaign and proceed to different tracks and events. Complete a rave and unlock a new event and track. The campaign gets more challenging and difficult as you go along, but it's good fun. There are even 'challenge sheets' that dare you to complete difficult stunts and moves, like win a race without crashing, now that's hard. But if you do complete the sheets you get an awesome car that is super fast.

The controls of this game are pretty simple to master, but some cars might be too fast for beginners. But trust me, get use to this game and you'll want to use the super fast cars. This game requires concentration and focus. I wouldn't get frustrated with this game because it messes up your concentration (trust me on this one).

I love this game for many reasons like one, the graphics make you want to keep playing. Two, sounds keep you from losing focus. Three, the controls are simple to master. The gameplay is awesome and this game is great for all racer and Burnout fans. This game gives you a pure adrenaline rush and keeps your mind awake. Trust me, this game is highly recommended (the burnout master)!

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