Pros and Cons

  • Good change from really funky to softer rock.
  • Fairly intricate and good bass riffs.
  • Catchy lyrics and good guitar melodies.
  • Really beautiful album cover.
  • They don't limit themselves to one type of music.
  • The songs tend to drag on after a while.
  • A lot of the songs have similar structures.

Californication (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

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Definitely the best Red Hot Chili Peppers album ever to be released.



Being the seventh album of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication is probably by far the best album they have ever released. Like their other albums, they tend to keep a good funky feel, but it's not as strong in this album. It's more controlled, and there is much more of a rock/punk type of feel to it. With good solid bass lines, and some really good guitar, the musical fusion the Red Hot Chili Peppers creates is amazing.

This is album is a quite a twist away from what the RHCP usually play. Flea's bass lines are less complicated and much more structured then what the RHCP were used to playing, and yet the sound created may be in fact the best they've ever. A good example of this would be the song "Otherside" which has a very simple bass line, yet it seems to be one of the best songs on this album. Songs like "Californication" also have fairly simple bass lines and are very catchy!

The guitarist, John Frusciante, wasn't featured on the album before Californicaton (One Hot Minute) makes a great return! On this album, John is extremely creative, yet his guitar riffs and solos are so simple. Nothing intricate about them at all, yet the way the attach themselves to the music is beautiful. This guy clearly knows what he is doing. In some cases, the actual rhythm guitar in the song is more complicated then the actual solos.

Track List :

1. Around the World (Video)
2. Parallel Universe
3. Scar Tissue (Video)
4. Otherside (Video)
5. Get on Top
6 .Californication (Video)
7. Easily
8. Porcelain
9. Emit Remmus
10. I Like Dirt
11. This Velvet Glove
12. Savior
13. Purple Stain
14. Right on Time
15. Road Trippin

By the way, has anyone ever noticed how Chad Smith looks exactly like Will Ferrell?


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