Pros and Cons

  • Original music... Not the same stuff every song
  • Over an hour long
  • Parental Advisory! Does not adhere to WWE rules
  • Done by a wrestler
  • The cover is crap

You Can't See Me (John Cena/Tha Trademarc)

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A wrestler that raps? Hmmm... Don't worry, this ain't no Macho Man album!



This album had me not wanting to listen as I fondly remember the past wrestlers who have gone into music... Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho (who actually isn't bad), and the ever famous Macho Man with his childish raps against Hulk Hogan. Well I got the album and listened to it thinking that John Cena's rapper persona was just an "In-Ring Thing" but surprisingly it seems to be who Cena really is. The man has skills on the mic, and I highly endorse his Rookie album. Here is the breakdown on the tracks.

1. The Time is Now - good track, his intro on Smackdown so you've probably heard it before. Waaaay better on CD.

2. Don't Fudge With Us - Awesome track, beat is nice. Cena comes great, but his homie Trademarc seems to force his flow.

3. Flow East - Decent track, nothing special.

4. Right Now - Awesome track! Really deep. Shows a softer side to Cena's attitude.

5. Make it Loud - Makes you want to jump - this song is a club bumper.

6. Just Another Day - This song is kinda upbeat and slow at he same time... good one, I'm feelin it.

7. Summer Flings - This is another average song, nothing to special to mention here.

8. Keep Frontin - this is a diss song to all the people who are frontin about themselves and stealing everyone elses crap.

9. We Didn't Want You to Know - Beat is SICK! Great track that needs to be heard.

10. Bad, Bad Man - This song is cool, shows some skill, but the video is whack, lol.

11. RunninGame - this song is tight, reminds me of P.I.M.P. by 50 cent, talking about pimps and crap.

12 Beantown - His track about his hometown. Him and Esoteric rip it up, but again Trademarc seems forced in his flows.

13. This is How We Roll - Decent track should just been Cena, Trademarc ruined it.

14. What Now - Nice beat, good flow, and some chick singing really sets it off

15. Know the Rep - Hot track, BumpyKnuckles' appearance rips this track up.

16 - Chaingang is the Click - About his crew the "Chaingang" its not the worst or the best, it is in the middle of the road.

17. If it All Ended Tomorrow - This IMO is the BEST track on here, its tight. Sick flow, deep message, and a hot ass beat puts it all together. No one forces there flow, the track is actually perfect.

Well I honestly think Cena has a career in the Music biz if he wants it, but he needs to drop Trademarc on some tracks. The man has skills, but forces his flow too much on alot of songs. Other than that this CD is a big surprise, and not a disappointment. Like I said, this ain't no Macho Man album. I recommend you get it if you like Cena's personality, if not still get it because its nothing like his ring persona. Its real, and not an act.

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