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Pros and Cons

  • $5 less than an official Nintendo Wii remote
  • Bigger, more colorful buttons
  • Comes in a very nice container
  • Staticky speakers
  • Eats up batteries faster than normal Wii remote
  • Doesn't work well with Virtual Console games
  • D-Pad feels loose

Controller -- Nyko Wii Wand (Nintendo Wii)

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Third party Wii remote - how does it compare to the real deal?



What it is?
The Nyko Wand is a 3rd Party Wii remote created by Nyko.

How much is it?
The Nyko Wand usually sells for around $34.99

What all do you get for $34.99?
You get the actual remote, paperwork, Controller Glove, 2 AA batteries, and the container (Reusable).

The Wii remote has to be one of the hardest controllers for a 3rd party developer to make, because there aren't too many 3rd party Wii remotes available. Well, Nyko stepped up and decided to make one of the first. Nyko created the Wand, which is the first 3rd party Wii remote to hit retail stores, as the others were all online sales only. I decided to pick one of these bad boys up at Gamestop a few days ago. I was skeptical at first because it's only $5 less than an official Nintendo brand Wii remote. I've played around with the Wand for a few days now and feel I have enough knowledge to write up a review of it.

The build quality of the Wii remote is actually quite nice. The buttons don't feel loose, the buttons don't move around when you shake the remote, the buttons don't stick, and the remote overall doesn't feel cheap like most 3rd party controllers.

I know a lot of people were knocking on it's look stating it was ugly and that it looked like it was for little kids. I actually think it looks nice. It's still got that same Wii style, but at the same time it shows originality, which screams out "Not official Nintendo Product." The overall shape of the Wand looks and feels almost exactly like the Wii remote, except it is a little bit lighter.

So far I've only noticed two things wrong with the Wand. The speaker is one of them. First of all, if the Wii is turned off and you press one of the buttons, the Wand makes a clicking noise. It kind of sounds like the noise when you click on a channel on the Wii menu, but it's just strange. That noise comes out even if you turned the speaker off completely. This isn't really a problem, but it's just a bit strange. The problem is when the Wand is turned on it makes a buzzing noise. Even when the sound is turned all the way down on the speaker it still makes a buzzing noise. I'm not sure if it's just mine, or if all of them make this buzzing noise.

Virtual Console
I noticed when playing NES games off the Virtual Console that the buttons lag. It's very annoying and pretty hard to deal with. I've played WiiWare, and Wii games that only used the Wiimote and they worked fine. This is a huge setback for those of us who play a lot of the NES VC games

If you're looking for a replacement Wii Remote and want something a little different, then go for this. It's different and $5 less than an official Nintendo Brand. The overall quality is pretty nice, and the buttons are big and bright - great for younger children or people with bad eyesight. If you plan on using it as your main controller though I don't recommend getting it. It's not as good, there is a lag when playing NES Virtual Console games, and it's kinda ugly. If you can get past those things then hey, pick one up today!

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