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Replay ValueA+
Learning CurveA+

Pros and Cons

  • Beautiful Art Design
  • Amazing Sound
  • Fun and rewarding gameplay
  • Voice acting still top notch
  • I can see the anger over cut online.

Disgaea 5 -- Complete (PC)

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Being evil never gets old.



You play Killia, on a personal vendetta to take out the Demon Lord "Void Dark". After stopping to have a brief lunch in the middle of a battlefield and rescuing the inexperienced Seraphina, she convinces you (after failing to force you) to team up with her on her quest to also take out "Void Dark"

As always The visuals in Disgaea are fantastic. Bright, Vivid, and colorful. This is just improved more by the ability to bump the resolution up to whatever you like with no issues that I noticed. This is much different than the Disgaea 1 Complete port I played on PS4 which while still impressive had quite a few problems with screen tearing.

Just like any other NIS release I play I can never find a game that has a soundtrack I dislike. The music is very orchestral or ambient which fits the mood very well. To be honest Disgaea in general always felt like playing an interactive anime, so having such high budget sounding music always made sense to me. My personal favorite track in the game is "Moving On"

The game will be familiar to returning veterans for sure but will also add some mechanics that breathe more life into the formula. Recruiting tailor made minions, alliance attacks, revenge attacks, overlord mode, and a lot more that I don't exactly want to give away for sake of spoilers. The main characters all have their uses and then you have your minions. While when I used to play the last games it always felt a little of the old "press forward and attack and just don't die" each class having its own strong suits exclusive skills and team attacks that only they can do with only other characters, precisely scratches that itch of forcing you to plot things out. Because the enemy will do the same thing, the Intelligence of the enemies has gotten quite better in this newest entry.

The item world is still there promising rarities to those who can survive its deep depths, and the battle gauge at the end of every stage encourages you to come back to get the high rank so you can get the best equipment possible. There is a lot of things to do here, and when my friend told me he has already put in over 100 hours, I can see why.

The only thing that is lacking is the online component that could not be ported over from the console release, but it never really felt necessary anyway. But my opinion of course.

Learning Curve
This is there I believe the developers realized that there would be a decent chunk of people jumping into Disgaea for the first time and that it would be a good idea to ease the player in. Right off the bat it uses story to explain that Seraphina is inexperienced in combat and that she needs to know how to fight if she wants to have any hope at survival. Boom, tutorial that makes sense. and it is really good! it is not shoveled into your mouth, they let you learn things step by step then apply the things you learned, then stop when you need to learn something else. I hadn't played these games in a decent amount of time and felt right back at home because of this.

Replay Value
There is a New Game Plus, a Completion Checklist and over 100 hours of gameplay. I really do NOT need to argue a case here. More than enough here to keep coming back too.

Yet another strong release in the Disgaea franchise, but with this being NIS's baby, was anyone surprised by the love put into it?

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