Specific Ratings

Learning CurveB
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • Amazing world to adventure in
  • Thousands of items and weapons
  • A never-ending adventure
  • Impressive visuals
  • The game will cause you a loss of sleep
  • Battle system is a little frustrating

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind -- Game of the Year Edition (Xbox)

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A world larger than the mind could conceive...



Morrowind: Game of the Year is basically an enhanced version of the original Morrowind. With two new worlds and much more missions and objectives to accomplish, this game easily surpasses the original in terms of replayability and the amount of content within.

Morrowind: Game of the Year claims to have over 200 hours of playability, and do not doubt that in the least. If you take a look at just how much there is to do and how much there is to explore, you will be amazed that a team of developers could crank out a game as massive as this. In case you did not play the first, you begin your quest by coming to a new land by the name of Morrowind, and upon arrival, you enter the character creation process. This is not terribly deep, but the real selection is when you enter the game and find and use the various armor and weapons, ranging from bows, to axes, and magical staffs. In the creation process, you choose from different classes ranging from a mighty knight, a stealth expert, a magic magician, and so on, with many choices of class to choose from.

Training your character is done in the field. By enduring battles through first-person and by using specific skills that are important to your characters class, you level up after you have used a skill a given number of times. Some skills are not as easy to level up and feels a little uneven at times, especially when trying to upgrade a skill that you never use to level up your character.

Morrowind: Game of the Year offers some content that the original did not, including the exploration of two new continents with totally different visuals than the original world. These offer new objectives to seek out and even allow you the ability to turn into a ferocious werewolf, where you must feed on humans to survive. The adventure is extremely open ended, allowing you to do anything or nothing, you do not have to do missions if you choose not to.

The game is almost perfect. However, it does have its shortcomings. The battle system is a game of luck, kind of a 50/50 chance as to whether or not your hit will be successful. Early in the game, the battle system is extremely frustrating, since you never seem to be able to kill anything because your character constantly misses. Later on in the game, this problem is basically nonexistant. When you level up your skills with the weapon used, your character's hit percentage increases along with the damage he will produce. This is just an aspect of the game that seems odd at times, but grows on you.

I would recommend this game to anyone with a love of video games. The chance to play a game with this amount of explorability and fun does not come around very often, if ever at all. With visuals that are some of the best to be seen on any of the early on games and playability which will exceed anything you have played before, you have no excuse not to take a look at this game.

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