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  • Same Great Game
  • Classic NES Sound
  • Cool White/Red Cart
  • Cool Packaging
  • Added Save function
  • Graphics are Scaled
  • Expensive

Famicom Mini: Wrecking Crew (Game Boy Advance)

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The NES Classic Wrecking Crew At Your Fingertips!



Remember that strange Nintendo Entertainment System game Wrecking Crew? The one that put Mario and Luigi in the shoes of construction workers? The Famicom Mini: Wrecking Crew game for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance is that exact game. It's an exact port of the beloved NES game.

The graphics are obviously a little bit outdated. This game sports the exact same graphics as its NES brother, except for scaling. When Nintendo ported the game to GameBoy from NES the game didn't exactly fit on the screen without cutting out parts of the left and right of the screen. So Nintendo had to scale the game to fit the screen of the GBA. Unfortunately this causes the game to not look as good as it used too.

The game plays exactly as it did back in the 80s. Run around platforms climbing up and down ladders with the D-Pad, press A or B to open doors, hit enemies, destroy ladders, and destroy the blocks needed to progress into the game, It's not a typical Mario game, but that being said, it added an all new gameplay style to the Mario universe,

The games soundtrack sound exactly as it did in the 80s. Typical 8-bit NES music. Today's day in age people may knock it, but considering this game is a port, and it is meant to be as authentic as possible you can't knock the sound.

There aren't too many differences between this and the original NES version of the game. As mentioned before this games graphics had to be scaled to fit the GBA screen, so the NES version has got better graphics. Something this version supports that the original NES version did not is saving level designs. You could create your own levels and save them to the GBA game's battery.

The game does what it's supposed to. It's a direct port of the NES classic game Wrecking Crew. So if you're interested in "legally" playing Wrecking Crew on a portable device them pick this game up. It's a good game, and a good item to add to your collection.

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