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  • Hours and hours of gameplay
  • Those hours can get a bit repettitive

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (PlayStation)

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Get ready to till, weed, water, and harvest...



Get ready to till, weed, water, and harvest...
This game is the first of the series to appear on the Playstation, and it is arguably the best to date.

You start the game as a guy who just inherited his granddad's farm. Although he it visited when he was a child, he is from the big city and knows very little about farm life. Your first day on the farm, you are welcomed by the mayor and are offered a tour of the town, where you are introduced to all of the townspeople. After the first day you set out to return the rundown farm back to its former glory.

The fundamental parts of this game are the farming, planting, making friends, and eventually getting married and having kids. Over the course of three years in the main story, you interact a lot with the locals and the four main love interests you can marry.

There are several types of animals you can keep, including cows, sheep, and chickens...you also have a dog and get a horse. Each animal (except for the dog and horse) give you items which you can sell or use in recipes, like the cow milk's for instance.

A big part of the game is the planting of crops to harvest to make ends meet. There are many different crops you can plant including corn, tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes.
Along with those parts of the game there are also many calendar related events like the dog and horse races, and the cooking contest.

The game takes three fictional years to "complete", but you can keep playing even after you "finish" it (I went all the way to year eight before stopping).

There is so much in this game that it would take a long time to fill out every aspect of this game.

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