Specific Ratings

Learning CurveA
Replay ValueC-

Pros and Cons

  • Fun multiplayer game
  • Monster bashing frenzied action
  • Too short
  • Sounds get annoying after a while
  • Bosses are cheap and hard to defeat alone

King of the Monsters 2 (Super Nintendo)

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Along with your monster pals, you must defeat the waves of other-worldly invaders and prove once and for all that you are truly the King of the Monsters.......2!



Atomic Guy and Geon, now Super Geon, make a return with the newcomer Cyber Woo to try and continue reigning supreme above all monsters. It's too bad that's all they can reign supreme above, as this game is only slightly above average.


If you liked Rampage, you'll like this better. Not only do you get to destroy buildings, you get to fight against various monsters such as one eyed green heads and snails with a skull encased in jello. The frenzied, mindless action is fun......for a little bit. Good thing this game is really short, not allowing the action to become totally boring and repetitive.


This has a story? Oh, I guess you mean this: monsters from outer space invade the Earth and start wreaking havoc. Three monsters, Cyber Woo, Atomic Guy and Super Geon must put these monsters in their place to keep their titles as baddest monsters in the world....and indirectly save the world.


The monsters in this game are nice and creative and don't look to shabby either, especially the bosses. I wouldn't really say they're ferocious, but they are weird. The buildings all pretty much look the same in the city levels, but it does have some nice effects such as water splashing when you jump in or fall in it.


The "growls" of the monsters sound a little muted and get irritating after a while. Also, when time is running out or the "Hurry up!" sign, you'd best do as it says unless you want to endure that extremely annoying sound the game makes during these times.


Like the gameplay, the controls are quite simple. You jump, you attack, you charge up and you unleash a charged attack. Occasionally, you grab buildings and throw them, but that's really more for novelty than anything.


If you play by yourself, prepare to be frustrated on normal as the bosses are quite cheap and overpowered. Their attacks do way more than yours and their lifebars are huge. This game really shines when multiple people are playing. This decreases the game's challenge, which isn't saying much, but also significantly increases the game's fun factor. Also, each monster comes with his own unique attacks, each one having three special moves and two grab moves. The game is quite short, with only 8 levels, but I guess it is fitting as if it was any longer, the action would get monotonous.

Replay Value

Once you beat it, that's it. If you beat it by yourself, you could go back and beat it with the other two monsters as the game is quite short. Other than that, there's nothing left after the first time through.


If you're looking for a quite enjoyable but short game filled with monsters that isn't a fighting game, look no further. This game delivers that.....but not much more.

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