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  • Plays just like WrestleFest
  • Too much button mashing

King of the Monsters (Neo Geo AES (home))

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It's 11 years old and I'm still mashing buttons.


What happens when you mix Rampage with WWF WrestleFest? You get King of the Monsters! Get ready for some challenging, butt kicking (or should I say button mashing) action! Japan, 1996, giant monsters take over the country. Hmmm, I don't recall that. Well it's 2002 now and this game was made in 1991, so we're all safe. This game was made 11 years ago, but I'm still playing it today!

If you've ever played WWF WrestleFest in the arcade, then you'll know what kind of game play to expect. Don't expect difficult button commands to enter, expect button mashing, and lots of it. In KOTM, you are constantly locked up in a grapple with your opponent, and the only way to win...you guessed it, mash those buttons. Beyond all the frustrating (for both you and your controller) button mashing lies a very cool game, considering its age. Instead of Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and Big Boss Man, you get Godzilla, Captain America, and King Kong (ok, so they are just look-a-likes, but still). KOTM allows you to perform various standard-wrestling moves, such as suplexs, bodyslams, and piledrivers on your opponent, but it also lets you throw cars, helicopters, and even airplanes at your opponent! You can even do drop kicks and back drops! Unfortunately during the process, you'll have to do some serious button mashing.

Before playing KOTM, I assumed that really you could only move back and forth on the same plane. Boy, was I wrong! KOTM gives you total freedom (inside the "ring") to walk about everywhere, crushing buildings, towers, trains, and of course all of the different army vehicles (the army doesn't appreciate giant monsters taking over the country). However, your battlefield, or should I say city, seems to be set up like a huge wrestling ring. If you go too far to one side, you get electrocuted and sent back into the playing field. I guess it's kind of like a barbwire match in wrestling...only its not.

The graphics in KOTM aren't amazing, but they are passable. The sound is not very impressive compared to more modern day titles, but it's actually tons of fun! The difficulty is increased when you and a friend team up against the computer. However, that brings us to the down sides of the game. The play mechanics are similar to a wrestling game, but absolutely no skill is involved, it's just who can mash the buttons faster. On top of that, the difficulty gets very hard (maybe cheap is a better term) by the 9th level. Although the game is dated, its still very fun, much more so with a friend than going against the computer alone.

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