Specific Ratings

Learning CurveB+
Replay ValueC-

Pros and Cons

  • Large exploration area
  • Lots of side quests apart from main story
  • Nice traveling sounds and effects
  • Decent graphics throughout the game.
  • Linear game play
  • Merely ok lighting effects during "night time"
  • Not much to replay for, except to do side quests

The Legend of Alon D'ar (PlayStation 2)

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You are a reborn hero from an age of legends. You search the Nine-Lands for artifacts, weapons, and useful items that you will need later. Similar to Fable, but you are unable to kill randomly. Very good overall.



You start off the game trying to become a new guard for the local warlord. After being turned down, the local wise woman gives advice to help you on your way to becoming a Sarojin. As you journey throughout the world, you gain items and knowledge of magic and weapon use to help you on your way, while learning the secrets of metamorphosis for the beasts within you!

The storyline is fairly linear, although you do have the ability to search a lot of areas without time constraints. This helps while trying to find all the items you need to finish all the side quests that are available. You start out in your village wanting to try out for the local lord's guard. After being refused and engaging in a scripted battle, you are sent on the main quest to identify a mark left on your hand. This leads to quests that need to be completed throughout the game, and the loads of side quests available (a few need to be completed, while the others don't).

The graphics are pretty good overall with the visual effects of spells being the best part. The top-down view leaves a little bit to be desired, although you can zoom in on your characters (which is neat while you are "morphed" into a monster).

Sound quality in the game is pretty good with some nice traveling music while exploring. At night, it turns a little eerie while trying to poke around in the dark, although while fighting, it turns into a kind of bland battle-type sound.

The gameplay is okay, except for the time it takes you to select a spell and cast it. You will stand there and get chopped on while you are looking for the right one, so the battles are fairly fast paced. You are better off using a weapon to kill the monsters that lurk around the land.

This game is an excellent prelude to Fable for the Xbox. Although you don't get to engage in the wanton killing of whoever you wish or get married, there are plenty of quests to accomplish.

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