Specific Ratings

Learning CurveB+
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • Lots of things to buy to make your mansion awesome
  • Jose Canseco's in it!!
  • Complete missions to unlock cool items!
  • Shoot and release your own Playboy magazine!
  • You take the pictures of the girls yourself
  • Sims graphics could be better
  • Could be more camera angles

Playboy: The Mansion (PlayStation 2)

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If you love the Sims and Playboy...you'll dig this game.



If you love the Sims and Playboy, then you'll love this game! In this one, you play as a young Hugh Hefner building your Playboy empire. You will have many missions to accomplish such as throwing parties and releasing magazines. Of course, this isn't just an easy "run around and make money" type game. It is very challenging, and if you slow down too much, your empire will fall.

You get the chance to publish your own Playboy magazines. You'll need to hire staff including journalists, photographers, and playmates in order to do this. Of course, you'll need to attract stars to your mansion by throwing sick parties in order to get great stuff for your magazines. The best part is, you get to photograph the playmates yourself. You can dress them in anything you want, including nothing! Wait for the best shot and nail it!! Your material is rated by 1-5 stars. The higher you get, the more money you will get on the magazines release.

You will throw many parties to attract celebrities such as Jose Canseco and Uncle Kracker. You've got to make guys like this your friends in order to get great material. You can set the parties mood by announcing it a lingerie party, casual party, or swimsuit party.

There also may awesome items you can purchase by selling magazines. You can stock up a game room, the pool, or just decorate your mansion. You can pick from pictures, furniture, games, sound systems, trampolines, etc. The more stuff you have, the more fun your guests will have at your parties.

The gameplay is pretty simple. Just follow the steps given for each mission, and you'll do fine. Just walk over to someone, and the game will give you options of what to do or say. But, be careful, because how you treat your guests and friends can and will determine the outcome of the game. You can introduce your guests to each other to establish friendships. By doing this, your guests will want to come back!!

The graphics are basic. Typical Sims. Just people walking around mumbling to themselves and others...lol. However, when you are doing a photo shoot, the graphics really step up and are great. The typical graphics you would see in a standard PS2 game. So, taking pictures in the fun part, so they do step the graphics up for that.

Do your best to publish great magazines. The more parties you throw, and the more friends you make, the better material you will get. Magazines are your main objective, so don't lose sight by all the girls taking their clothes off around you! You gotta make that money, to keep everybody coming back...lol! If you do this, you can master the Playboy empire.

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