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Learning CurveB-
Replay ValueB-

Pros and Cons

  • Fun and Engaging
  • Nice Selection of Game Modes
  • Nice to See Opponents Reactions
  • Lots of Strategy yet Easy to Play
  • Tutorial for New Players
  • Advantage can shift very quickly
  • Would've been nice to have different game boards

Pocket Reversi (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

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Challenging yet Engaging Puzzle Game



Pocket Reversi for the Neo Geo Pocket Color is a simulation version of the popular board game where you must finish a game with more of your stones on the board than your opponent has.

In order to change your opponent's stone to your stones color, you have to pick a spot on the board that leads back to one of your own stones. This will change all your opponents' stones in between thus giving you more spots on the board. There are five modes of play in Pocket Reversi: Free Play, Tournament, Ability Level Test, Communication Facing, and Reversi Lesson. Free Play is a simple exhibition game where you pick the level of difficulty, which player goes first, the order that the stones begin in, and what design of stones are used. Tournament has the same options as Free Play but you must defeat all the opponents to win the tournament. Ability Level Test also has the same options where you try to get first in all the different level difficulties. Communication Facing is your standard two player versus mode. Finally, Reversi Lesson is a tutorial to help you play reversi. This is a very helpful mode because the advantage can shift from one player to the other really fast.

Graphics & Sound
The graphics are simple for a simple game, meaning they work well. The board isn't very detailed, nor does it have to be, but since you can choose from three sets of stones to play with it's nice to see that the stones are detailed to differentiate from each other. The characters, while a little anime influenced, are also nicely detailed but are not over the top like anime characters tend to be. Like some other puzzle games, you can see your opponents face in the top right corner of the screen and their facial reactions are fun to watch when you make a good move against them or vice versa. The music is slightly engaging and doesn't get as repetitive or annoying which is nice to help keep the game entertaining.

This is a great little puzzle game, and while not very in depth at first glance, there is a lot of strategy to keep both hardcore fans of reversi and simple puzzle fans entertained. Plus the nice selection of modes breaks up the monotony of playing only one type of puzzle game. This is a good game to pick up for any puzzle fan or Neo Geo Pocket Color owner.

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