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Pros and Cons

  • A fun 1 or 2 player early sports title.
  • Tight, responsive controls
  • Good sound effects for the time
  • Decent visuals for such an old game
  • Only 2 variations of gameplay
  • Can get repetitive

RealSports Volleyball (Atari 2600)

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Pixilated players play in perfect harmony!!!



I have great memories of playing this game with my younger brother in about 1983. We marvelled at how realistic it was and how much fun it was. And how he never beat me. This is a fun one or two player game with primitive graphics. Each side has two "players" and they move in conjuction with each other. These players are a set of purple men and a set of blue men. The ball (is it still called a ball if it is square?) is volleyed over a net and...well, you get the picture, it's volleyball. The game can be challenging until you get used to it, mainly because your guys move at the same time in exactly the same way, so a lot of it is timing. For example, if you need to move to the top of the screen to hit the ball and the opposing side hits it back hard at the bottom, your bottom guy may not be in position due to the previous play. So it is imperative that after you hit the ball you move your characters back to near the center of the court.

Each game goes up to 15, and you must be at least 2 points ahead at the end to win.

There are two game variations for the 1 or 2 player, one being faster than the other.

The controls are tight, and this game is perfectly suited for the Atari VCS joystick. I've played other versions on compilations using more modern controllers, and it is actually much more difficult.

If you serve the ball from a certain spot, the computer has a real hard time getting it, so it bounces between the two players and you get a point. The game takes place on a beach and you can hear the waves crashing and see the sun setting.

Fun Fact: If you wait long enough, a shark fin will pop up in the ocean background.

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