Specific Ratings

Learning CurveB-
Replay ValueC

Pros and Cons

  • Nicely done CG movies
  • Great music at the beginning and end game sequence
  • Nice attempt at a first/third person shooter
  • Interesting boss characters
  • NIce chilling zombie moans
  • Regular controls felt sluggish
  • Lack of music is a bad thing
  • Aiming using control pad is a pain sometimes
  • This game is to short
  • Subtitles badly translated from dialogue

Resident Evil: Dead Aim (PlayStation 2)

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AT LAST, a Resident Evil game set outside of Raccoon City including the option of first person shooting and third person controls. How could there be any room for improvement on this? Turns out there are plenty of cons!



Resident Evil: Dead Aim is one of those games that as part of the lingering Resident Evil series, you just have to preorder. It has to be done, I so thought. Upon getting this game long ago I happily frolicked my way to the PS2, ripped off the plastic, and prepared myself for what was supposed to be a great Resident Evil game. What I found not only appalled me but forced me to set the game aside in a stack of dust covered games most of which I will never play again.

Why do you ask would a hardcore Resident Evil fan discard a brand spanking new Resident Evil game? A simple answer, the game was rushed and was horribly done. There I said it. Shame on you Capcom, perhaps you should listen to Nintendo's slogan "Quality not Quantity."

Now that my initial bashing of the company I love so dear is over I can start explaining a bit about the game. You only hurt the ones you love Capcom, you only hurt the ones you love. wink You play as "Bruce" who is a secret agent that is trying to capture a terrorist named "Morpheus" (no Matrix pun intended hehe) on one of Umbrella's Cruise liners where he has recently released a modified form of the T-Virus. From his position there he threatens to launch missiles loaded with the T-Virus to some of the worlds largest cities if he isn't paid a substantial some of money, so you have a bit of pressure you on.

Resident Evil Dead Aim starts out with an excellent introduction film that gets you prepped and ready to go into the world of survival horror. A great CG movie follows and then you are thrust into an environment that truly is survival horror because the controls are horrible and there is no traditional Resident Evil music. Some may think that silence is eerie but I prefer the music. Matter of opinion I guess. Anyway the learning curve is pretty steep on this one, not only do you have to learn third person controls that felt sluggish to me, but you also have to master first person shooting controls from a stationary position. This is easier said than done.

Regardless it is pretty easy to do once you play for a bit and the zombies are so easy to get by you can practically walk by them. I didn't fire a shot until the first boss. laughing out loud The CG movies are nicely spaced and nicely done I will give it that. After you're off the ship you go to another Umbrella ghost town so to speak and proceed to beat the game. Sadly this game was very short, just over two hours if you pace yourself. I also found the last boss to be insanely hard, not because of an actual hard boss but because of the horrible aiming controls. Perhaps it is better with a guncon please God. The ending was decently done and I loved the music in the credits, also wonderful idea for a continue feature kudos points for that Capcom.

Replay value is nil as I don't see why anyone would want to play it again but since it is short and sweet I guess you might want to replay it as the other character. This game is a nice attempt and would be an ok purchase for $20 or under I suppose. I will keep it just because I like the Resident Evil games but I must say I am a bit disappointed with this one as it could have been so much better.

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