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Learning CurveB+
Replay ValueA-

Pros and Cons

  • Great graphics
  • excellent music
  • fun replay; making music!
  • PAL or Japanese import only
  • pretty pricey if you find it

Rez (Dreamcast)

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Excellent rhythm game for the Dreamcast



Many of you know this game is out on the PS2, but its origin was the European Dreamcast. This game is all about assembling a song. There are a few varieties here, but they all mainly follow a European tech beat. (Not techno). In REZ, it's your job to stop a computer program before it takes over the systems. But wait, I thought it was a rhythm game? It is, don't worry.

Gameplay - In order to stop the program, you have to shoot down its defenses. During each level, you must knock down a certain amount of the defenses while retaining a high accuracy rate in order to continue. Throughout the level, you must also keep your eye open for power-ups so that you can upgrade your form and attack. Aside from physical upgrades, there is an upgrade known as an override. You can obtain a maximum of 5 overrides that carry on to the next level. An override will clear the entire screen of enemy fire.

Graphics - Wow, some of the best on the Dreamcast. They flow so well, which is essential to complete the music objective. There are a lot of flashes and quick movements, and it has been known to cause seizures in Japan. Of course, they also got seizures from Pokemon so what does that tell ya? Anyway, the graphics are only half of the package.

Sound - The whole games is based around the music. As you progress, more of the song will be assembled, like a base line or a tenor section, with the more defense you knock down and the better the accuracy is. At the end of each level, you will be able to hear the entire song during the boss fight. Plus, every time you fire, a sort of secondary instrument will play, like a tambourine or bell. Bottom line is it's excellent.

Control - Very well done. It follows an "on track" style of movement, so when you need to see behind you to fire, the camera will automatically turn that direction. The analog stick works extremely well for movement and is smooth.

If you don't have a PS2, and have the money, this game is worth it. After the initial 5 stage story mode, the practice and song assembly modes will keep you entertained. Highly recommended!

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