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Learning CurveA+
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • Now you can make your own scenarios
  • Play levels in any order
  • Lots of new rides
  • More Scenery
  • Extremly easy to learn
  • New rollercoaster designer
  • Now has Six Flags parks and rides!
  • No change in Graphics or Sound

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (PC)

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2X the fun for all the fans of the original!



Hang on for a whole new ride! The sequel to the worlds most addictive game is way better than the original. The main idea is to build up amusement parks and attract guests and most importantly BUILD ROLLER COASTERS! smile

Even though Chris Sawyer didn't make any changes to the graphics or sound, he added tons of new features. Now in RCT2 you can play scenarios in any order which is very fun and easy. They are separated into five groups of scenarios: beginner, challenging, expert, Six Flags, and other. He also added 150 new rides and attractions. Now when you build your own ride or coaster you can name it and save it so you can buy it in any other scenario. Pretty cool, huh? A new feature called roller coaster designer allows you to build any roller coaster you want for FREE and save it for your own use. Also with the new scenario editor you can make your own scenarios and select what rides are in it and what you need to achieve. With lots of new themes you can decorate your park and add scenery to rides. Now with roofs and walls you can create your own buildings and structures!

Chris Sawyer also added five real Six Flags parks in the Six Flags section. What I really like is that the guests are no longer named by numbers. smile Like a guest's name would be John H. instead of guest 001. Before you play the game you should take all three of the lessons. They're helpful for the first timer. The game is extremely easy to learn even if you don't take any of the three lessons. All of the toolbar buttons are labeled and really easy to find what you're looking for. A new toolbar feature called bulldozer allows you to select an area and click and everything in the area will go away. With RCT1 you had to left click on individual objects to destroy them. You can buy this game brand new for about $15. I got mine for $19.99 with the WW expansion pack. Chris also added some new types of roller coasters that the original didn't have like the giga coaster, water coaster, multi dimension coaster, reverse freefall coaster, compact inverted coaster and much, much more. The game will provide hours of fun for any RCT fan and they should never get bored because they can go to websites like www.coasterbuzz.com and forums.rctspace.com to download rides and scenarios that other fans have made. smile

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