Specific Ratings

Learning CurveB-
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • Unlimited gameplay possibilities
  • A decent selection of character sprites
  • Very customizable
  • Typing can be a pain
  • Steeper learning curve
  • Mediocre graphics/sound effects

RPG Maker (PlayStation)

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One of the best games of its time.



Have you ever played an RPG and thought, "how stupid," or "I could do better than that?" Well if you have (or even if you haven't), RPG Maker is definetly the game for you. That's right, just as the name implies you can finaly make your own RPG for Playstation. The game even comes with Anime Maker (which lets you create your own characters, monsters, and title screens), so the possibilites are endless.

Gameplay 9
Gameplay varies on what you do, so it can be awesome. The gameplay of the builder itself is probably a 9. It's set up very well, but it gets annoying after awhile. You can end up doing a lot (I made Blackjack and Slots in my RPG).

Story 10
The story? The story is that you can make up whatever you want and have people play it, surely the best.

Graphics 6
The graphics are the equivelent of an early Genesis game, but what can you expect from something that lets you make your own game? The sprites look pretty nice, and you have a selection of four color schemes for each one. Creating spells can be fun.

Sound 7
The BGMs are pretty good, with over 30 to choose from. The sound effects, while quite plentiful, unfortunately are not spectacular.

Controls 8
The controls are easy to use; it takes a little while to get used to the way to make things in RPG Maker. A keyboard is strongly recommended (if they made them for the Playstation, I'm not sure if they did or not).

Replay Value 10
You can make a game, then make another game, then another, and another... The fun never stops with RPG Maker, because the possiblities are endless. You can make an RPG about Philbert the valliant stapler fighter or Reyanne the misguided duck. There is undoubtedly a lot of replay value.

Is RPG Maker worth your money?
Would you like to make your own game with an unlimited amount of possiblities? There's your answer. Of course RPG Maker is worth your money. It enables you to create your own games.

Overall Rating 9
Although RPG Maker is a great game, it lacks a little on graphics and sound. I recommend a keyboard, an empty memory card, and possibly even a dex drive.

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