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Skitchin' (Genesis)

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Ripping pavement nar-nar dude. Skitchin' is where it's at.



Miss that Genesis you had when you were a kid? Looking for a new fast paced awesome, killer, super-fly game to grace your Sega? You just stumbled on it. Skitchin' for the Sega Genesis is and was not only a ridiculously fun game, but a challenging one as well.

Most of us (assuming you're old enough) remember Road Rash and it's sister games. One that may have slipped through the cracks is Skitchin'. You play a young skater kid (inline) that enters illegal racing tournaments throughout North America (yes, Canada too!).

At the opening title screen you're greeted with an awesome theme song and various options. Password, options, etc. One feature that differs from most other 16-bit games, is the option to change the song in-between every level. Before you even start the game, you are presented with a CD Player and your choice of around 20 songs. ALL of these songs are jammin'. No doubt about that. This game has easily my favorite soundtrack of any game. Anyway, let's get to the game!

So here we are. Race has stared. You're B button is your skate button. Hold it to speed up. Seems easy enough, and it is. Where does the "Skitchin" come into play? Well, on either side of the road, cars will be coming from behind you. These of course are what you skitch onto. You do this by holding the A button and pushing the direction of the on-coming car (left or right). Once you grab it you'll speed off past at least a couple of racers. But BEWARE, just like in Road Rash, they'll try to beat the crap out of you to win. Your C button is your attack and without a weapon it will just punch (it will kick if you hold down while you hit C). Punching and kicking is lame though. But alas, there are weapons to be had. Everything from a cattle prod to nunchucks are available as weapons. They're found on the ground throughout the course and can be picked up by holding down and A as you run over them. You are allowed to hold up to 3 weapons which makes for very interesting races. As in Road Rash (sorry for so many comparisions, but it's a very similar game) you can steal weapons from enemies and have your weapons stolen as well, so be careful.

Maybe the most original feature of Skitchin' is the damage system. If you bail a lot and smash your face in on a constant basis, you're going to be paying for it. All of your gear WILL wear out over time making you skate slower, take more damage, or just suck more in general. This isn't always the case though, as even if you're pretty good, you'll need to upgrade your gear to keep up with the competition. On a side note, you buy your gear from some hippie out of the back of the van.

Finally, there is a trick system to be learned. Throughout every course there will be ramps and things that look like trash but are also ramps for you to jump. Hitting different d-pad or button combinations will make your skater do diff moves which will be instantly graded by a panel of judges and will affect your total money received at the end of the course. There are also bonus levels that include trick tracks and speed runs, but I'll let you see those for yourself.

Overall Skitchin' is a fantastic game for it's time. It can be had for pretty damn cheap which makes it a definite buy. So stop reading, put it on your wanted list, and go trade for it!

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