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Replay ValueB+
Learning CurveA-

Pros and Cons

  • Hilarious
  • Looks exactly like the show
  • Everyone from the show is in it
  • Too easy

South Park: The Stick of Truth (PlayStation 3)

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Stick of Truth isn't an "on your toes" type of game, but it provided me with a relaxing and hilarious game that all South Park fans need to play.



Goin' down to South Park gonna have myself a time with this Mario-style, turn-based, and perfectly ridiculous South Park game. This game may very well be the game of the year for 2014.

The game is easy; it's not meant to challenge you. This game's goal is to make you laugh, and it will. If you are not a South Park fan, you may not understand the crude humor. Without ruining too much, the game does try to cross boundaries like the show does.

The graphics are spot on. They are not impressive, but they look exactly like the show. These guys nailed this game visually. The graphics, animations, sound and voices, and movement are absolutely perfect.

The game does sputter a bit. Frame rates will drop while running around town. But it doesn't affect gameplay or the overall experience.

The gameplay is quite simple. You play as the new kid and you have this awesome ability of making Facebook friends. You are supplied with an overabundance of various potions that give you health, speed, and strength upgrades that you can use before you attack every turn. The only time I ever really died was when I forgot to use a health potion. You find "junk" items to bring to a merchant to make a quick buck, and an assortment of armors and weapons to equip your character with, so you can only imagine what the new kid will end up looking like at the end of the game.

This game is not a family game. It's crude, has plenty of cursing, poop, and blood. Being a South Park game, this should be expected.

There is quite a bit of replay value in the game. The campaign will take you around 12 hours to beat, but there are so many friends to make and they all have a story. Everyone from South Park is here to interact with.

If you are a South Park fan, you need this game.

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