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Replay ValueC
Learning CurveB-

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  • Humor is just outstanding
  • Gameplay is diverse and great
  • Character customization subpar

Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One)

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Beat it before sunset!



Sunset Overdrive is arguably one of the funniest games, especially on this generation of video gaming... missions such as escorting a group of LARPing weirdos to a castle in search of a crown that thugs supposedly stole. These missions create such a original feeling game that make comparing it to another game really just unjust. Sunset Overdrive is a great experienced delivered by Insomniac Games with fantastic humor and a great world to explore that doesn't take its self seriously in the slightest.

Sunset Overdrive stars "Player", a user created and customized character that will be controlled throughout the game. "Player" is the basis of practically all of the humor whether it be bantering with the fantastic supporting cast within or even talking to the person controlling "Player" again, never taking them self seriously. The customization of "Player" does certainly feel basic with only like 5 options for each face and 3 body shapes and so on, as other games such as Saints Row give the player a plethora of options for creating a character that will be original to their play through. All of this is forgiven with the fantastic character that "Player" ends up being regardless, as he or she tries to find a way to get out of the infected city of Sunset City. The main story on the surface would seem rather bland, but just below the first layer is a superb plot of hilarity for anyone that picks up a controller to play.

Just as I mentioned earlier, there is no game that can truly be compared to Sunset Overdrive, and this is mostly true in terms of gameplay. The grinding mechanic is very unique to say the least. Grinding from rail to rail seems super smooth and makes combat very dynamic giving literal physical depth to fighting each enemy. The gameplay generally consists of fighting a multitude of enemies in an assortment of environments making each firefight truly new feeling. Other parts of the gameplay include having "Player" collecting things such as toilet paper found on rails or security cameras that are to be destroyed, and also a few fun, wave based sections of combat. These are generally set up where "Player" is meant to protect a certain item for a certain amount of time while fighting of the monstrous creatures of Sunset City. All of these sections of the gameplay are fun and diverse to say the least.

The sound is another portion that shines, mainly referring to voice acting. Both the male and female versions of "Player" do a superb job of voice acting and when it comes down to it, the execution is impeccable. Supporting cast does a great job complimenting the main character in terms of acting, giving characters like a Hispanic cheerleader a super dynamic voice. Another great part of the sound is the soundtrack within Sunset Overdrive. The music choice influences the feeling of the game in only positive ways, again complimenting the entirety of Sunset City. Guns sound nice, and the environment roamed is generally alive feeling in terms of sound.

One big part of the game that needs to be dwelled upon is the multiplayer aspect. Multiplayer is basically a small group banding together to play through the wave based survival game mode that was discussed earlier. This is an extra few hours of fun but the multiplayer does, however, leave the player wishing the game just allowed one and a few friends to roam the city as they please. This seems like a pretty simple addition to the game that would have added a lot of gameplay but was just not taken advantage of.

All in all, Sunset Overdrive is simply a great experience. The humor in the game alone will be enough for the game to be worthwhile, then with the addition of superb voice acting and very unique gameplay, Sunset Overdrive is a game every XBox One owner should give a try.

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